Salvador & Kenia Sabino


Apostles Sal Sabino and Kenia Sabino are Senior Pastors of the Heavenly Vision Christian Center, a fast-growing church in New York City, which celebrates five services every Sunday with an attendance of 1,500. Heavenly Vision also has extension churches in The South Bronx, NY, Long Island, NY & New England. They have also founded “The S.E.A.,” an international evangelistic association to take the Gospel to the world and help the needy.

Pastors Sal and Kenia Sabino envision a metropolitan church totally restored and saturated with the power of the Holy Spirit. They see the church as a conquering army, taking the city by using its three mayor weapons of warfare: Intercession, Worship & Evangelism

Francisco & Xiomara Peralta


Pastors Francisco and Xiomara Peralta have served as Assistant Pastors to Apostles Sal & Kenia Sabino for many years. As founding members of Heavenly Vision, they served God, their Pastors, church and community with love, passion and dedication. Early in the year 2017, they were commissioned by the Apostles to spearhead an expansion project, which would later become the Heavenly Vision Christian Center of Community District 12; church which they founded on August 5th, 2017. These dynamic Pastors have been empowered with the Holy Spirit to raise up an army of souls who worship God in Spirit and in truth, while carrying out the Great Commission to preach Jesus to all the world.

Elsa Rodriguez


Pastor Elsa is a highly charismatic leader with a prophetic anointing. Pastor Elsa has developed as a fiery preacher, and gifted soul winner. She is currently the leader of 25 cell groups. She has also served as teacher of our Bible Institute, as well as, the Disciple’s Workshop.

Enrique & Xiomara Simbana

Enrique and Xiomara Simbana are Ministers and members of the Pastoral Team of Heavenly Vision District 12. They served as for over 10 years as coordinators and teachers of our School of Leaders. They had become key leaders of this ministry. The Simbanas are mighty preachers of the Word of God, but mostly loving and caring ministers of the Gospel.

Jose & Dulce Holguin

Ministers Jose and Dulce Holguin’s story is literally that of a match made in Heaven. This heavenly power couple is a testament to the Lord’s never-ending mercies and destiny for us. After many years single, the Lord brought them together to form the mother Aquila and Priscila. As ministers and members of the Pastoral Team of District 12 they play important roles, both in service and devotion to the church. Both serve as coordinators of the church conservation team.

Randy & Mariluz de la Cruz

This young couple has earned the love and respect of everyone. Randy de la Cruz is one of the best musicians in the metropolitan area. He is sought after by almost every award-winning artist who wants a trumpet player. Since giving their hearts to the Lord, ministers Randy and Mariluz de la Cruz have become one of the fastest growing leaders in the church.

Kenia Silvestre

Teacher and prophetic intercessor Kenia Silvestre has become one of the most respect ministers in the church. Kenia Silvester has served as a choir member, teacher of the school of leaders and as a very respected spiritual guide. Her charisma, humble persona, as well as her love and passion for the lost, has earned Kenia a place in everyone’s heart. She is also a founding member and one of leaders of the Watchman House Prophetic Intercession ministry.